Welcome to the Energy and Environmental Assistance Office (EEAO) at UNC Charlotte. As the technical services division of the Energy Production and Infrastructure Center (EPIC), we are located at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte in the EPIC building, Room 1150.

We specialize in bringing state and regional agencies, small businesses and engineering practitioners together with talented UNC Charlotte faculty and students to address environmental issues. The Energy and Environmental Assistance Office (EEAO) serves as an important communication, dissemination, and educational link between the Energy Production and Infrastrure Center (EPIC) and the community at large to build collaborations. We emphasize interdisciplinary teamwork and draw on our diverse faculty to create customized teams to meet collaborative partnership needs. Students are involved in multiple aspects of project development and execution as they work under the supervision of EEAO team.

The EEAO delivers customized client assistance with comprehensive investigative projects, grant collaborations, project management, educational outreach, feasibility analysis, verification, focus groups and surveys, conferences, training, and other services. Discussions and planning are facilitated at the start to ensure the development of project scope and deliverables to meet your needs. The EEAO team can provide you with timely assistance for sustainable pollution prevention planning and implementation, including information about industry-specific case studies, waste-specific case studies, and new technologies.

The Energy and Environmental Services Recharge Unit, which lies within the EEAO, allows research and general services to be offered by the EPIC team with an ease of implementation for clients.  Each year, the EEAO provides 15 or more student employees opportunities to participate in projects that address real-world problems with a focus on sustainable practices and environmental impact awareness.  Not only does a collaboration with the EEAO offer financial benefits, there are also strong educational and workforce development components to EEAO projects.

EEAO EPIC page.http://epic.uncc.edu/eeao-outreach

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